I help to nudge your perspective from being a ‘fixer’ to being a ‘Deliberate Creator’

We never came to this earth to fix it. We each have a unique set of strengths and capabilities that serves us in our unique contribution to it.

The art of Deliberate Creation starts with an intention or ‘Niya’ – a thing intended; an aim or a plan. The thoughts you carry around your intention color your perspective and ability to perform it.

Coaching is a powerful tool to stimulate ever so tiny shifts in your perspective. Your perspective becomes your greatest tool for creating a life beyond what you currently recognize as possible.

As a high performer, I know that my thoughts create my reality.

I call myself a Thought Creator, because through my work as a coach, I have come to realize that the ‘thought’ is everything. In other words, the level at which I am able to perform well at anything I set out to do, starts with my thoughts about it.

I know that often I have gone over my thoughts, revising and refining them to a place in which I can find gratitude and thanks for all that I have.

I know that even though I considered myself a ‘grateful’ person in the past, I had not yet learned the art of stating clear intentions and integrating harmonizing thoughts around them.

Without taking the time to learn through the tools of coaching, I could not have claimed the leap in my career as a Master Coach for High Performers. I can now do so, designing my life with my core values of Freedom, Fun, Family and Friendship, integrated into all that I do.

I have an exceptional talent for recognizing other peoples’ talents and most uncompromising values, within a few hours of working with them.

My clients tend to have a strong desire for living at the highest levels that life can offer. They are powerful, passionate and always beautiful…in my perspective.


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Rawia’s Bio

Rawia Beyhum is an Executive Coach for High Performers including political and economic leaders. She applies acute attention to intentions and thoughts as a precursor towards greater personal, professional and spiritual success.

Rawia is the founder of TalentFreeFlow Ltd. (TFF), leading talent performance within the context of special interest projects. Rawia founded TFF in 2008 after attending theatre workshops and high performance leadership trainings in NYC and Germany. She commenced her coaching career co-creating and art directing a theatre performance Off -Broadway.

Rawia coaches and co-creates with distinguished leaders and high performers, through:

  • One-to- One coaching
  • Intensive group workshops
  • Public Speaking
  • Applying business consultancy across various disciplines

Rawia studied Business and Marketing at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. She has a Masters in Art and Literature of the MENA region from SOAS, London, UK. She is certified in High Performance Leadership Training, through Wailea GmBh, Munich, Germany. Rawia was raised and lives in Bahrain with her husband and two children.


Write to me: rawia@talentfreeflow.com